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Information about Corona and BAO VEST

little meister panda bao with snowflakes

Coronavirus (COVID-19) Update #6 - 3.4.2020

Bao Vest Ticket Refund Request Link

We are doing our best to refund tickets asap.

Depending on your payment method you might need to wait a few days or get your money immediately.

If you are in a difficult situation money-wise please let us know, so we can work out the fastest way to get you your refund.

Coronavirus (COVID-19) Update #5 - 11.3.2020

After many tense days, Panda Bao had to make a difficult decision about if BAO VEST will take place or not.
And Bao came to the conclusion that he will officially cancel BAO VEST.
There will be NO BAO VEST this year.

Bao is naturally sad that this had to be the decision, but it was a culmination of many factors trying to consider our community values and the current situation. Loads of hours of discussions between Bao and the VFBSS Vorstand went into that decision - and it might be a small step for some individuals but it surely was a giant leap for a panda.

Bao kindly asks all projects to stop their preparations and wherever possible cancel any orders. He knows that this will have financial implications. And he is working on a system to reimburse tickets to the amount possible.

He kindly asks the community to gift the Vorstand a few days of patience to figure out the consequences of this decision like the details of the reimbursement and if there can be any alternative for this event (pandas normally don’t care what the koalas do). He kindly asks the community to trust that there will be answers to all the questions but this will take a day or two.

Thank you for your understanding.
Bao loves you.

- - - - - - - - -

Coronavirus (COVID-19) Update #4 - 11.3.2020

It’s been another eventful day or two but Panda Bao has had a lot of good discussions with different people on the subject.


The most interesting information Bao would like to share with you already now:

  • Bao had the chance to talk to officials of the Canton Graubünden. While they were not equipped to give us a final decision or even a full risk assessment, they were ready to listen to a description of our event and could give us a rough estimate of their impression. They suggested to Bao that if we still wanted to do the event, we should take some precautions but “basically go ahead as if the event is happening”.

    The officials can’t be any more precise right now because they are waiting for a further decision by the Bundesrat which is expected to be published this Friday, the 13th of March, with the Cantons being ready with their implementation thereof on Monday, the 16th of March. This means that Bao will have to make a decision on the event before knowing the exact rules that will apply next week, but if the event was happening today, the officials gut risk assessment would probably give us green light, within certain precautions.


  • Panda Bao also does not want to cause a situation where the people living in Selva will feel unsafe or unheard by BAO VEST happening in their village. He got in touch with some of the locals and their feedback was also supportive and they would be alright with us still conducting a gathering, as long as the event stays behind the golf court, slightly removed from the village itself.


Bao is still collecting inputs/opinions from the community, the locals and the officials and hopefully is able to give more updates on if or to what extend our event can be held and about opinions/decisions from the Vorstand later today.

- - - - - - - - -

Coronavirus (COVID-19) Update #3  - 9.3.2020

Panda Bao is in touch with the officials of the canton in order to do a proper risk assessment. The officials are working on providing a better communications platform, but are not quite ready yet. Bao is trying to stay patient and hopes to have more infos tomorrow. Stay safe!

- - - - - - - - -

Coronavirus (COVID-19) Update #2  - 8.3.2020

As there was no news on the Corona Situation since yesterday we are still continuing the preparation for BAO VEST.
Panda Bao wishes you a happy Sunday and keeps his fingers crossed that our gathering can be held as planned.

- - - - - - - - -

Coronavirus (COVID-19) Update #1  - 7.3.2020

Dear Meisters,


Panda Bao knows you are concerned and is listening to your concerns. He wants you to know that he is taking the Corona situation and especially the community and their needs seriously. 


Panda Bao wants to hold the event, but he also wants to be a good Panda and practice civic responsibility, one of the core principles of his big brother the Burning Man. So he will comply with government regulations and only give the green light for BAO VEST if the health authorities do the same thing. Further, he wants to encourage you to do that as well. Be aware that you can help in the prevention of spreading the virus rapidly. If you feel sick and have flu-like symptoms or a fever he asks you to be extra careful.


At the moment there are still no regulations in place that would keep us from going on. As a fact many teams are still working on their projects as actively as ever, to be able to provide us with a magical winter wonderland. There is still hope and as of now, we are not bowing before the PANDAmic. 


Since the situation changes rapidly and official authority decisions get made on a daily basis, Bao has gathered a team to stay informed about the topic. If you have any news that you think he should know about please send it to Bao is monitoring the official statements and collecting all the info he receives. He then deliberates with his team and will be publishing an official corona update every day in the early afternoon here ( ).


In the case that BAO VEST has to be canceled he is fully committed to finding an alternative solution and refunding people’s ticket money to the extent possible. 

In these times of trouble, Bao is happy to be your MASKot.

*This page will be updated every day in the afternoon.

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