19. März – 22. März


Sedrun, 7189 Tavetsch, Switzerland


Due to the unusual situation around the Covid-19 pandemic, BAO VEST had to sadly be cancelled.

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Auspicious times are coming upon us! Nested in the Swiss Alps a community will emerge to create a village, live decommodification, creativity, self-reliance, and radical self-expression. Come and be part of our manifold conglomerate.

BAO VEST is a yearly or so get together of people that are somehow connected trough, or interested in Burning Man and regional sister events like Nowhere. Although BAO VEST is not an official Burning Man event it remains inspired by the famous 10 principles.

BAO VEST is about coming together and celebrating our bonds. We want to bring together Art, Performances, Workshops and Music.

We believe that everyone is a meister! Your personal space bubble has a radius of 2 meters, it follows you, you’re the center of it, you’re the meister of it. Make sure everything within your realms is going smooth and no one is harmed.


There are countless ways to get involved, including:

* Arriving early for build or staying after for strike
* Volunteering for a shift
* Creating and bringing art
* Running a workshop
* Bringing an outrageous outfit or creating one
* Making music, a show, or a performance
* Creating and running a camp / Dome / Yurt
* But you can create your own way to participate!

Volunteering for a shift or working on a project is a great way of getting to know the community, it’s what makes Nowhere possible and, of course, it’s fun!

See how YOU can participate- Volunteers Plan Link

All participants are encouraged to contribute to BAO VEST, set up a structure on the snow field (Shnaya) that provides comfort and shelter, bring art, perform, make delicious drinks for others or give away free hugs.

"Creativity is not a performance sport. No one will rate your contribution, nor will it be demanded from you. You are welcome to participate just as you are and you are free to contribute just in the shape and form you feel comfortable with."

Nevertheless one of the BEST forms of participation is signing for a shift in our Volunteer-Meisterplan!

Join us!

Build: 14th-18th March (Saturday till Wednesday)

Event: 19th-22nd March (Thursday till Sunday morning)

Strike: 22rd-24th March (Sunday till Tuesday)

Become a member of the VFBSS (Association for the Promotion of the Börner Scene Switzerland) and join our mailing list:

English Application

German Application



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