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Börning Beiz - Edition
Saturday 10.2.24, 21:00 @ Lush

-> Leider nur auf Englisch. für Deutsch findest du bestimmt jemanden der dir's übersetzt.

⚡️TLDR ⚡️
February Burning Beiz will be held at the party on Saturday 10.2.24 @ lush.
Beiz starts at 9pm. at 11pm.

If you want to attend, it is recommended to read the following information.


And it is MANDATORY TO SIGN UP via THIS FORM (yay forms!).

As the February Beiz is on a Saturday and last Lush Beiz was really awesome, we are happy to announce that we can go back again this week. And those who have attended last time know about the spacious, cosy space with dancefloor, chillout area and bar - ideal for meeting, chatting, dancing, chilling or any other mood.
This time will be a little bit different though, as there will not only be the Beiz, but their regular event happening as well.
That means the doors will open for the Burning Beiz at 9pm, and then at 11pm, their actual event ,starts, which can be attended by anyone with a ticket.

In the spirit of radical inclusion we are thankful that, like last time, there will be no entry fee for the Beiz. And people that come for the Beiz will have the choice if they want to pay for the party or not, but still can join anytime & stay throughout the night.
Of course you will still have the possibility to support the lush folks by paying for the ticket upon entry if you like.

That means that if you want to come to the Börning Beiz and/or dance the night away at you will need to SIGN UP FOR THE BEIZ via THIS FORM.
SIGNING UP equals your free ticket for Beiz &! Hurray!

We would appreciate if you leave your beer at home and buy your drinks at the lush bar instead, for the very same reason as already stated. But bringing your own cup is always recommended!

As lush is a private venue (in the Zurich area) you will only get the exact location in the message that appears after signing up. We will again send out a confirmation e-mail on Saturday with the address as well.  
Please do NOT share the location or the flyer on social media or the like.

🎶 MUSIC 🎶 stands for warm and slow electronic tunes, but still groovy and danceable of course.
Behind the decks will be True Nature from the BeYond collective in Germany, Atonom (aka Schplomi) representing the Faffing Horses and Burning Beiz and of course lush’s very own Dualism.  
A night filled with decent Downtempo tunes that will let you chill & chat AND dance your socks off. The choice is yours.

Börning Beiz is a monthly gathering of people around Zürich somehow connected through Burning Man or its regionals. Every 10th of the month, we create this opportunity to meet new people, eat & drink together and to talk and learn from each other.
All of our meetings are radically inclusive, meaning open for everybody interested.
* The 10 principles of Burning Man

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