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Regular tickets go on sale

Friday, 15 December 2023

at 18:00 sharp

Buy your tickets at:

(no code will be required when the official sale starts)

🛌🏿🏚️ Indoor bunk bed tickets are very limited  

If a million stars above you are too much to handle and you prefer the safety and coziness of an indoor sleeping spot, you better be fast. 


🌠🏕️ Outdoor limited

Tickets for outdoor (camping on site) are limited as well, given the fact that flat camping space is available only around the house.  If you want to set up a yurt, larger camp, or indoor camp, make sure to fill out the Camp Application Form as soon as possible.


🏷️💱 Currency contribution to the organization of Ding Dong

On-site bunk bed (indoors) CHF 180

Outdoor camping CHF 60

💝🤹 Low Income and starving artists tickets via separate registration

We have a limited amount (read: 10 tickets each) of Low Income tickets available, both for inside bunk bed stays (110 CHF, reduced from 180 CHF) and for outside camping (40 CHF, from 60 CHF). 


Should your situation require you to, fret not, we look forward to burning with you!  Send a motivated email to


* explain why we should award you one of the tickets, 

* let us know which one you would like, and

* be sure to include your name and email address.


You can only apply for one ticket and only for your own. The deadline for the applications is 12 Dec 2023, 6 pm.  Should we receive too many applications, we will choose based on need and motivation. Those not picked will still have a chance to buy a ticket in the general sales on 15 Dec.    You will receive notification between 12 and 14 Dec and, if successful,  will receive a link to purchase your ticket.  Questions or concerns can be raised to the email address provided above as well.  

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