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🛌🏿🏚️ Indoor bunk bed tickets are very limited (< 50 spots) 

If a million stars above you are too much to handle and you prefer the safety and coziness of an indoor sleeping spot, you better be fast. 


🌠🏕️ Outdoor limited (~50 spots)

Tickets for outdoor (camping on site) are limited as well, given the fact that flat camping space is available only around the house. If you’re planning to set up a larger accommodation such as yurts or bigger tents, please reach out to the placement team ASAP:


💝🤹 Low Income and starving artists tickets via separate registration

We’ve got you! You can register your spot (camping on-site only) via this google form. Admission will be confirmed by the URGH-anisation team. 


🏷️💱 Currency contribution to the organization of URGH

On-site bunk bed (indoors) CHF 260

Outdoor camping CHF 100


💼♻️ Ticket transfer

In case your plans change and you need to transfer your ticket, all you need to do is finding a person to take over your ticket and then transferring it via your burnertickets account (My Events/Transfers -> Select Ticket -> Transfer -> enter email address of the person taking over your ticket).

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