19. März – 22. März


Sedrun, 7189 Tavetsch, Switzerland


First round: 28.1.2020 at 19:00 (Swiss time)

The second round sale will open on Feb 15th 18:00 (CH) - Note this is Saturday.

The low-income ticket application is open (more info below).


All participants are encouraged to contribute to BAO VEST, set up a structure on the snowfield (Shnaya) that provides comfort and shelter, bring art, perform, make delicious drinks for others or give away free hugs.

"Creativity is not a performance sport. No one will rate your contribution, nor will it be demanded from you. You are welcome to participate just as you are and you are free to contribute just in the shape and form you feel comfortable with."

Nevertheless one of the BEST forms of participation is signing for a shift in our Volunteer-Meisterplan!

See how YOU can participate- Volunteers Plan Link

Join us!

Build: 14th-18th March (Saturday till Wednesday)

Event: 19th-22nd March (Thursday till Sunday morning)

Strike: 22rd-24th March (Sunday till Tuesday)

More Tickets information:

You will need a burnertickets account to buy a ticket.

Ticket link: http://baovest.burnertickets.com

You can buy:
- On-site bunk-bed ticket CHF 140.
- Off-site bunk-bed ticket CHF 140.
- Outdoor (camping on site) ticket CHF 70.
- Campervan ticket CHF 70.

(Each campervan needs one person (the driver/owner) to have a campervan ticket (which will be his/her entry ticket PLUS allows to park the van in the campervan parking).
All the others sleeping in the campervan need regular outdoor tickets)

There are limited low-income tickets (only outdoor/camping on-site) for CHF 40.-.
If you need a low-income ticket use this form:

Direct Group Sale (DGS)


Low income tickets 

  • Low income tickets are camping tickets only, currently, there’s no way to get a bunk bed together with the low income tickets

  • Registration is open via the link : https://forms.gle/RUDupVd8Xts6YsBx7

  • Registration will close on the 11th of Feb. (so we can finish the low income sale before the second open sale)


Second open sale:

  • The second open sale will open on Feb 15th 18:00 (CH) - Note this is Saturday!
    Number of tickets left for the sale (including the DGS tickets) : 

    • 80 camping tickets

    • 25 Bunk beds off-site

    • 17 Bunk beds on-site

    • 5 campervan

  • We will try and use Stripe instead of PayPal for the second sale, it should also allow payment with credit card without login 

Become a member of the VFBSS (Association for the Promotion of the Börner Scene Switzerland) and join our mailing list:

English Application

German Application