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Every 10th of the month. Swiss Burner meet & greet
Börner- Stammtisch jede 10. Vom.Monät


Post Pandemic - Post Covid Regulations - Post Bao Vest (Pandamic?) - Post Zoom Beizes - Post Celery - back in person after all! Let’s meet for the March Börning Beiz, the first time without any contact restriction regulations and decompress together.

WHEN: 10th march, 6 pm
WHERE: Ziegel Oh Lac, Rote Fabrik, Seestrasse 407, 8038 Zürich


Food and drinks can be purchased at Ziegel.

Börning Beiz is a monthly gathering of people around Zürich somehow connected through Burning Man. Every 10th of the month, we create this opportunity to meet new people, eat and drink together and to talk and learn from each other. All of our meetings are radically inclusive, meaning open for anyone interested.
Ten principles of Burning Man:











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